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Spring Grilling Recipes

These amazing spring grilling recipes are going to have you digging out your grill from that snowbank at the first sign of sun and above zero temperatures. 

Spring Grilling Recipes

26+ Spring Grilling Recipes

I may not live in the frigid frozen north anymore, but I know a thing or two about winter. HARD winters. 

I grew up in Northern Minnesota, and the winter months are not a thing I miss about that area, even a little. 

Now I live in the much milder Pacific Northwest where the winters are hard, but in much different ways. They misty rainy gray of the Puget Sound region make the winter long, but it doesn’t really prevent us from firing up the grill. It is February and I’ve been wearing flip flops pretty comfortably all week. I’m not sure if that’s more a testiment to our weather here or my Minnesota roots, but either way I’m here for it.

Read on for some of my reader favorite spring grilling recipes from right here on Or Whatever You Do, as well as favorites from around the blogging community.

Spring Grilling Recipes

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Spring Grilling Recipes
Traeger BBQ Chicken Lollipop
Traeger Chicken Lollipop
Traeger Grilled Lobster Tail
Easy Traeger Surf and Turf

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