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About Me

About Me

I’ve been on a mission to document the hits (and the occasional misses) that come out of our kitchen since 2010, when Or Whatever You Do was born.

In 2017 we got our first pellet grill and our whole world changed. Okay, not our whole world but definitely our home cooking. For the better. 

What you see here is what we actually eat for our meals. That means if we’re eating a lot of pellet grill foods, you are getting a lot of pellet grill recipes.

Once I decided I LOVED the Instant Pot, so there’s quite a collection of those here as well.

A lot of the recipes you see here have been developed by my husband, Jeremiah. He’s a kitchen and grill pro, and taught me a lot about cooking and flavors and he got to join the OWYD crew full time recently.

If you need to get in touch with us, you have a lot of options. First, you can email me at orwhateveryoudo at gmail dot com.

Second, you can follow me on Instagram, and send me a message there.

You can also leave a commend on the post to say heyyyyy.