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Easy Drinks and Cocktail Recipes

These delicious drink recipes will have you heading to the fridge and mixing up a storm.

From a variety of boozy cocktails to alcohol-free summer suppers, you're going to love this amazing collection of my favorite cocktails, mocktails, coffee drinks, summer sippers, warm winter cozies, and anything and everything else you can pour into a glass, mug, or fancy glass. 

I spent over 10 years as a bartender and in various other roles in the restaurant industry, so I know how important a solid cocktail is. Don't be intimidated by your local watering hole and their incredible mixing skills, you can make all of that (and more) at home with just a few pieces of equipment. 

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Moscow Mule Recipe

The Moscow Mule typically gets served in a copper mug. A wonderfully savory cocktail, Moscow Mules take advantage of the heat and savory spiciness of fresh ginger. Moscow Mule Recipe This classic cocktail is a great one to have in your books and in your cupboard. It is simple to make, has only a few …

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Christmas Cosmo

Just when you thought Christmas couldn’t get any tastier, I’m bringing you one of the most festive cocktails around. The Christmas Cosmo uses Brown Sugar Bourbon from Heritage Distillary along with cranberry pomegranate juice and cranberry spice sprite to really make the season bright.  Christmas Cosmo A traditional cosmopolitan has vodka, triple sec, and cranberry …

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Strawberry Vodka Sparkler

Summer cocktail time isn’t over yet, and this Strawberry Vodka Sparkler is going to be topping your list. Basically homemade White Claw or Truly, but with the option to sweeten it up if you are into that kind of thing. Strawberry Vodka Sparkler Spiked sparkling seltzer waters are refreshing, but none beat making your own …

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Bellini Rum Punch

A Bellini Rum Punch plays on the original Peach Bellini to create a wonderful concoction, perfect for the summer cocktail hour. Refreshing and light, with a kick. This is a summer cocktail for all seasons.

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White Sangria

Tired of the same-old red sangria? My White Sangria is going to be the perfect drink for you! Sweet, fruity, simple, and perfect for these hot summer nights! Try making it for a cocktail party to impress your friends!

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Tropical Mimosas

This Tropical Mimosa is the perfect drink to transport you to a beachy paradise, right from your kitchen! Make it for Sunday brunch with your friends or sip it alone while soaking up the sunset. No matter when or where the fruity explosion from this mimosa is going to make it your new summer go-to! Tropical …

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Frozen Bellini

This Frozen Bellini is anything but ordinary! My bellini recipe will blow your mind and is one incredible summer drink that will chill you down on a summer day. Peach Bellini that has a frozen twist, that will leave you reaching for one more sip. Frozen Bellini Whether you are wanting to add a little …

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Red Wine Sangria

This Red Wine Sangria is made with brandy, pinot noir, simple syrup, blackberry soda, and ALL of the fruit. It’s a refreshing burst of sweet, fruity-goodness that you won’t want to put down! Summer Red Wine Sangria Recipe If you’re a fruit lover and like a nice drink every once in a while, then this is …

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Frozen Mojito

This Frozen Mojito is going to be your go-to summer adult beverage. Frosty, frozen mojitos that offer lime citrus and minty twist that is so refreshing. A handful of ingredients is all you need along with a blender to make this summer frozen cocktail. Frozen Mojito Mojitos are such a refreshing cocktail. There is something …

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Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The Cosmopolitan may have been made famous by a certain HBO series back in the day, it is still a refreshing option if you are in a martini kind of mood. An easy sipper for a hot summer evening, if you didn’t get on the cosmo bandwagon the first time around you need to give …

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Frozen Mudslide Recipe

This Mudslide Recipe is made with Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, ice and cream, then blended together and served as a frozen drink. What a refreshing, yet rich and creamy cocktail that tastes similar to a milkshake. Frozen Mudslide Recipe If you love the taste of coffee and chocolate, then this boozy Mudslide Recipe is the …

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Easy Berry Cocktails

Delicious Berry Cocktails

My easy delicious berry cocktails will have you reaching for the strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, & cranberries all year long. From sweet raspberry pina coladas to incredible blackberry margaritas, any cocktail fan in their right mind would love one of these. My easy, sweet, berry cocktails will fill your cup all spring and summer long. These …

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Tropical Rum Punch

Tropical Rum Punch

This Tropical Rum Punch is cold, fruity, and beautiful! Make it in a batch for your next summer party, or make it as single serving to sip on at home. Either way, you’ll adore this easy, fruity drink. Tropical Rum Punch This fruity and boozy drink reminds me of a tropical vacation. So, grab some …

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Easy Cocktail Recipes

These delicious and easy cocktail recipes are going to have you playing bartender all year long. It doesn’t take a ton of fancy ingredients to mix up a quality drink. Move away from the stand-bys and branch out into something amazing!

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