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Pellet Grill Recipes

My easy Traeger Recipes are going to have your firing that grill up and smoking alllllll week long. You’re going to love your wood-pellet grill even more than you already do, and if you don’t have one you are really going to want one soon!

OWYD Pellet Grill Recipes

Traeger Recipes

If you would like to jump right into some of the greatest hits, here’s a handy list for you to peruse. For a list of my favorites, with pictures, see our Traeger Recipes page! Otherwise, just keep scrolling for all of the smoked deliciousness below.

New to Pellet Grills?

Make sure to check out my ULTIMATE Starter Guide to Pellet Grilling!

What is a Traeger Grill?

A Traeger is a brand of pellet grill that allows you to smoke, grill, and bake on it in a super user-friendly way. It is like smoking, simplified.

Why Traeger?

We bought our Traeger at Costco, but they are available all over the place, including on Amazon. Traegers are easy, have amazing customer service, and have been super consistent and easy to use even for a beginner smoker. Click below to get your own!

Tips For Starting Out With Traeger Grills

  • Buy a bigger grill than you think you’ll need. Especially if you feed large groups.
  • Join one of the many Traeger Facebook groups! You’ll have access to lots of Traeger fans who have been using these machines for years and years. Their advice is amazing!
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Nothing is set in stone. Play a little and have fun with your cooking!
  • BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. All of the new Traeger recipes and articles will appear here as they are published!

What Traeger Recipe Should I Make FIRST?

Traeger enthusiasts and Traeger themselves will recommend roasting a whole chicken first, and we do too. You can find our post about that here on the Traeger Grilled Chicken page.

If a whole chicken isn’t your thing, make this Grilled Buffalo Chicken. You won’t regret it!

If you want to see my Complete Guide to Getting Started Pellet Grilling, clicky the linky!


Cedar Plank Salmon on the pellet grill

When you are craving salmon, there’s no better way to make it than this Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon, cooked right on our Pellet Grill! This method of preparing salmon is super popular, and for good reason. It is easy AND delicious. Just 30 minutes from start to finish, and that includes preheating your grill! Traeger …

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Smoked Country-Style Pork Ribs

Our easy Traeger Smoked Country-Style Pork Ribs are made with boneless country ribs, coated with our Everything Rub, and then they smoked for a couple of hours before getting bathed in your favorite barbecue sauce and braising and tenderizing in a bath I think we’re all a little envious of. Smoked Country-Style Pork Ribs We …

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Smoked Butter Chicken Thighs

Our Smoked Butter Chicken takes tender, boneless, skinless chicken thighs and then we marinate them in Butter Chicken sauce before getting smoked on the pellet grill and then finished off in the simmer sauce right on the grill! Served with garlic naan and steamed basmati rice. Pellet Grill Butter Chicken Butter chicken is something I …

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Stuffed Breakfast Croissant with Steak

Our Stuffed Breakfast Croissant with steak takes steak and eggs to a whole new buttery, flaky level. The perfect grab-and-go breakfast, we take fluffy farm-fresh scrambled eggs, toss in some cubed ribeye, and then throw down all the cheese for a filling, hearty, breakfast. Breakfast Croissant with Steak, Egg, and Cheese When it comes to …

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Smoked Potato Stacks with Parmesan Cream Sauce

Make these delicious Smoked Potato Stacks with Parmesan Cream Sauce right in your pellet grill for a unique side dish that’s packed with flavor, and a sauce you’ll want to put all over everything. Smoked Potato Stacks with Parmesan Cream Sauce Anytime there are potatoes in the picture, I’m a fan. Sometimes I want something …

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