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Easy Traeger Surf and Turf

You don’t need to go out to a fancy $300 meal to have the best surf & turf in the land. All you need is your favorite pellet grill, and your favorite cut of steak and seafood selection. This Easy Traeger Surf and Turf is endlessly flexible, so pick some and fire up that grill!

Traeger Surf & Turf

Traeger Surf and Turf Recipe

Surf and Turf is a classic dish that originated on the Atlantic Coast, and has spread across the whole country. 

Anytime you mix meat and seafood, you can call it surf and turf and I’m here to give you all of the options available on Or Whatever You Do to make your next Surf & Turf feast amazing. 

Why do they call it surf and turf?

It came by its name by referring to the diets of the main protein. Or maybe where they are typically found. Fish and seafood being found in the sea, or surf, and turf what the cows munch on. 

What types of meat are usually in Surf and Turf?

When you see surf and turf recipes online, you’re most likely seeing combinations of steak and shrimp most often.

That doesn’t mean that is what it is limited to, however. 

You can do surf and turf with another meat like pork or even chicken if you really wanted to, and the seafood portion can be fish, shrimp, clams, oysters, lobster, scallops, or even crab.

What are the best sides to serve with Grilled Surf & Turf?

There are a lot of great options for Surf & Turf sides! I’ll list them below. I’d pick a few, depending on how many people you are serving. 

Pasta & Rice



Traeger Surf & Turf Recipes




Beef steaks are versatile and delicious! Pick any of these cuts and you'll be very happy with the end results.


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Traeger Surf & Turf Recipe photos with steak, shrimp, scallops, and more steak
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