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Tortellini Soup from

Tortellini Soup

Tortellini Soup is a hearty, homemade soup that tastes like lasagna in a bowl! Your family is going to love this easy comforting dinner.  Tortellini Soup I love almost anything pasta, and pasta with red sauce is always and forever at the top of my list. This tastes like an amazing spaghetti or lasagna, in …

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Cream of Broccoli Soup

Its been a busy couple of weeks around here. I’ve been cooking up a storm, and mostly remembering to take pictures, but finding the time to actually sit down and post them has been a challenge. There is lots of big stuff going on around here, like Kindergarten apple day (whatever that is!), and turning …

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Traeger Roasted Chicken Stock

This basic Traeger Roasted Chicken Stock has no bouillion and is a great thing to have in your bag of cooking tricks. Traeger Roasted Chicken Stock You can make so many different things with this stock. It’s versatile, it’s good for you, and you can control the salt and keep out unnecessary ingredients and additives …

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