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10 Delicious Dinners Using Ground Beef

Looking to simplify your weeknight dinners? Ground beef is a versatile and readily available ingredient that can save the day. From quick tacos to hearty pasta dishes, it’s the perfect solution for busy evenings. In this roundup, we’ve compiled ten easy and delicious ground beef recipes to simplify your meal planning and have your whole family asking for seconds. Let’s dive into these no-fuss options that promise to bring all the flavor but none of the fuss to your weeknight table.

Ground Beef Recipes

10 Simple Weeknight Recipes Using Ground Beef

I love ground beef. It is one of the most versatile proteins to use for quick and easy dinners. Not only does it defrost quickly if you are like me and forgot to take it out of the freezer the night before, but it also cooks quickly too.

Whether you are in the mood for Mexican, Italian, classic American, or anything else you’re in the mood for, you can find a great recipe using ground beef and whip it up.

In this collection, I’m featuring my favorite homemade recipes so you can skip the box and all of the unpronounceable ingredients that come with highly processed foods. All of these recipes clock in at under an hour of time from start to finish, so even on busy weeknights you can squeeze in a good, homemade dinner.

10 Easy Weeknight Ground Beef Recipes

Enough easy weeknight ground beef recipes to last you for 5 weeks if you use ground beef twice a week! Delicious, homemade recipes.

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