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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

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All the Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes you could want, all in one spot! 

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

When dinner is over and you’ve had your fill of Thanksgiving Day 2 grub, don’t give up on the leftover turkey, potatoes, stuffing, corn, and the rest.

Here is my collection of some of my favorite ways to use up the leftovers from turkey-palooza, from OWYD, and some of my favorite food blogs too.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes


Just sub in turkey for the chicken in these easy recipes!

Mashed Potatoes

Leftover Stuffing Recipes

Leftover Sweet Potato Recipes

Leftover Corn Recipes

Sous Vide Duck Breast
Sous Vide Duck Breast
Mango Chipotle Smoked Chicken Wings

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