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Strawberry Lemon Drop

Do you need a bright, beautiful, refreshing drink this summer? The perfect summer drink is my Strawberry Lemon Drop! It’s a deliciously fruity spin on a traditional lemon drop martini.  It’s just the thing to whip up and relax in the summer sunshine. An easy to make drink that’s also GORGEOUS to look at!

Strawberry Lemon Drop

Strawberry Lemon Drop

My Strawberry Lemon Drop martini recipe is super easy to make, with just a few ingredients. It’s definitely worth the short time it takes to put together!

Made with fresh lemons, vodka, simple syrup, and strawberries, this lovely drink looks and tastes like a summer sunset! If you like fresh fruits, martinis, or having fun in the sun, this is the drink for you. You can even serve it up as a strawberry lemon drop shot!

A basic lemon drop is sweet like candy and lemony sour, which is a pretty good starting point. We can make it way more exciting by adding a strawberry ZING that really brings it to the next level!

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Strawberry Lemon Drop

All About the Lemon Drop Martini

A Strawberry Lemon Drop is an easy twist on a traditional lemon drop martini. If you are a fan of those, you’ll love this lemon drop cocktail with strawberry!

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What is in Lemon Drop Martinis?

Lemon Drops are typically made with vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, and simple syrup. They were first concocted in the 1970s in San Francisco by Norman Jay Hobday. They spread quickly after their invention, especially in California.

The sweet, sugared rim balanced the sour lemon flavor, and probably contributed to the name – the same name as lemon drop candy!

The cheesecake factory lemon drop martini recipe has been a popular iteration of this drink. If you have ever tried that, you will love my homemade Strawberry Lemon Drop version!

Strawberry Lemon Drop

What’s in a Strawberry Lemon Drop?

In addition to the basic vodka, triple sec, and simple syrup recipe, my Strawberry Lemon Drop recipe includes triple sec and FRESH lemons and strawberries. When making Strawberry Lemon Drops be sure to use fresh lemons for an unbeatable taste!

Triple sec brings a sweet, smooth orange citrus feel to the drink that mellows the tart lemons and complements the strawberry garnish. If you’re tempted to skip sugaring the rim–don’t!  That sugar rim is essential for a first sweet hit to the tastebuds before you get to the main attraction! Even if you’ve never sugared a rim before, don’t worry. It’s easier than you think!

Strawberry Lemon Drop

How to Sugar a Rim

Adding a sugar rim not only improves the taste of your Lemon Drop, but it also makes it look super classy! I don’t know about you, but something about a rimmed glass just says “special” to me.

It’s easy to do, too! You can use water as a base, but when making this Lemon Drop you might want to try some of that freshly squeezed lemon juice!

  1. Pour a little lemon juice in a shallow tray, just enough to coat the bottom
  2. In a separate tray, spread sugar to a depth of ⅛ -¼ of an inch thick
  3. Dip the top edge of your glass in the juice, making sure to wet the entire rim
  4. Hold the glass up to let excess juice drip off the edge
  5. Gently dip the glass in the sugar and twist to coat
  6. Shake off extra sugar carefully
  7. When pouring the drink, make sure to pour away from your sugar rim so it doesn’t get washed away!

So simple, so easy, SO worth it!  A little sugar goes a long way, and you’re going to LOVE the way it looks!

Strawberry Lemon Drop

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Strawberry Lemon Drop

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Yield: 2 servings

Strawberry Lemon Drop

Strawberry Lemon Drop

This easy strawberry lemon drop recipe is a wonderful change to a traditional lemon drop recipe! You're going to love this colorful, sweet, and refreshing drink.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Chill Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes


  • 6 strawberries
  • 1 whole lemon, cut into wedges
  • 4 ounces vodka
  • 2 ounces triple sec
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • 3 tablespoons white sugar


  1. Place the strawberries and lemon wedges in the bottom of a glass, and muddle together until it is mashed up into a mess.
  2. Fill the glass with ice and then add in the vodka, triple sec, and simple syrup.
  3. Place another glass on the top of the first that fits over the rim, and carefully shake the whole thing vigorously.
  4. Use a piece of the lemon to wet the rim of the glass. Place the sugar on a small plate and dip the moistened rim of the glass into the sugar.
  5. Carefully strain into the rimmed glass, and serve immediately.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 324Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 3mgCarbohydrates: 41gFiber: 2gSugar: 36gProtein: 1g

Nutrition data provided here is only an estimate. If you are tracking these things for medical purposes please consult an outside, trusted source. Thanks!

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Wednesday 19th of October 2022

This recipe is so good. Thanks for the recipe.


Saturday 12th of June 2021

I’d like to make this for a group of 12. Your suggestions? Could I just purée the strawberries with lemon juice? And if so how much lemon juice do you suggest?

Nicole Johnson

Saturday 12th of June 2021

This could easily be scaled up. The recipe is written for 2, so I'd just x6 it and maybe do two batches in the blender? It might not even take two batches. Enjoy! This one goes down very easily! ;)

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