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Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

This Grilled Teriyaki Salmon is grilled and brushed with Teriyaki sauce to create a savory, healthy meal option that your family will love! Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Salmon is one of the healthiest and most flavorful fish that you can serve. It doesn’t require much fuss when it comes to seasoning or other added flavors to …

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Salmon Sandwich

This sandwich is made with a piece of Traeger-grilled salmon that’s been simply seasoned with salt and Traeger Fin & Feather seasoning, and then placed on an onion roll and topped with a sauce that will leave you looking for recipes just so you can deliver it to your face more efficiently. Traeger Grilled Salmon Sandwich …

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Salmon Miso Poke Bowl

Fresh, healthy, and delicious! My Salmon Miso Poke Bowl is absolutely STUNNING to look at and tastes even better than it looks! Instead of turning on that hot oven or grill, discover the world of poke bowls. They are much easier than they look, and require almost no cooking. The salmon is marinated. The rice …

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Traeger Smoked Salmon Recipes

These Smoked Salmon Recipes are some of our family favorites! I can’t wait for you all to try them out. With so many options and different flavors, you’ll find something for almost anyone here. Traeger Smoked Salmon Recipes Smoked salmon has quickly become one of my very favorite ways to eat salmon. It is SO …

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Smoked Salmon Scramble

Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs

This Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs is an easy, crowd-pleasing, egg recipe for a brunch. Great for Easter Brunch, Mother’s day breakfast, Father’s day breakfast, or really any breakfast that you want something just a little bit better. Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs This Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs recipe has something for everyone. A hearty and …

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Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

There is nothing better than a delicious home cooked breakfast on the weekend. So this weekend, why not impress your family with this Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict! Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict With smooth and velvety poached eggs, homemade rich and creamy Hollandaise Sauce, and savory smoked salmon in place of your typical Canadian Bacon, this …

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Garlic Dill Smoked Salmon

Garlic Dill Smoked Salmon

Garlic Dill Smoked Salmon is made with fresh-caught Silver (Coho) Salmon, and is smoked over a live wood fire on my Traeger grill. Fresh garlic and dill make this a delicious option for your next charcuterie tray or appetizer table. Garlic Dill Smoked Salmon This recipe is very similar to our standard smoked salmon recipe, …

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Teriyaki Smoked Salmon

Teriyaki Smoked Salmon

Teriyaki Smoked Salmon is a hot smoked salmon recipe that is brined and then smoked on our Traeger wood-pellet grill. A super flavorful teriyaki sauce is painted on several times during the smoke to infuse the whole piece of meat with delicious Asian-inspired flavors. Teriyaki Smoked Salmon Smoking salmon is one of my favorite ways …

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Togarashi Smoked Salmon

Togarashi Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a classic dish that is such a treat, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where the salmon is fresh and plentiful. This Togarashi Smoked Salmon is made on the Traeger and is as tasty as it is easy. Togarashi Smoked Salmon Living in the Pacific Northwest, we tend to have fresh salmon …

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Easy Fresh Salmon Recipes

These easy fresh salmon recipes will have you never wondering what to do with that nice piece of fresh fish that you have in the fridge waiting to be cooked! Easy Fresh Salmon Recipes Most of these are made using a Traeger Grill, but you can cook them on whatever kind of grill you have. …

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Smoked Salmon Chowder

Smoked Salmon Chowder

This smoked salmon chowder is a classic seafood chowder but with a thinner more delicate broth, made without a roux. Packed with potato, celery, carrots, and lots of delicious lemon pepper smoked salmon! Smoked Salmon Chowder Chowder is one of the best kinds of soup in the world, in my book. I LOVE it. Rich, …

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Smoked Salmon Dip

Smoked Salmon Dip

My Smoked Salmon Dip uses our Traeger Smoked Salmon and a few other simple ingredients to create the best salmon dip that I’ve ever had. Serve with crackers or a sliced baguette and prepare to be realllly popular. Smoked Salmon Dip Silky, smokey, and rich in flavor is what you will find with this incredible …

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Traeger Smoked Salmon

Traeger Smoked Salmon

This recipe for Traeger Smoked Salmon is so easy to make, and you will be amazed at the flavor of home-smoked salmon. This recipe is a must make for anyone who loves smoked salmon. Traeger Smoked Salmon A very simple recipe that you can make over and over. Smokey, sweet, melt in your mouth salmon that …

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