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Instant Pot Cornbread

Instant Pot Cornbread

Did you know you can make Instant Pot Cornbread? Grab that springform pan and make homemade cornbread right in your electric pressure cooker. Instant Pot Cornbread You can have a moist and tender cornbread with a slightly crispy edge, no oven required. Dollop with butter or drizzle on some honey for the perfect side to …

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Beef and Avocado Arepa

Beef and Avocado Arepa

Beef and Avocado Arepas are flavorful Venezuelan sandwiches that are made with homemade arepa dough. Beef and Avocado Arepa Have you ever had an arepa before? I hadn’t, and I cannot believe I’ve never been exposed to these little pockets of awesome. I LOVE sandwiches, so finding a kind I’ve not only never tried, but …

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Beefy Tamale Pie

Beef Tamale Pie Recipe

Beefy Tamale pie is a delicious way to change up your taco night! All the tamale flavor without the extra tamale work. This is a from-scratch recipe, but feel free to use some shortcuts if you are short on time. Beef Tamale Pie I LOVE cornmeal. I make some pretty awesome stuff with it, including …

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