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Smoked Butter Chicken Thighs

Our Smoked Butter Chicken takes tender, boneless, skinless chicken thighs and then we marinate them in Butter Chicken sauce before getting smoked on the pellet grill and then finished off in the simmer sauce right on the grill! Served with garlic naan and steamed basmati rice. Pellet Grill Butter Chicken Butter chicken is something I …

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Pellet Grill Jerk Chicken Thighs

Pellet grilled jerk chicken thighs give a whole new meaning to “firing up the grill”. The heat comes from habanero and scotch bonnet chili peppers. You can’t get around the fire of those peppers. Pellet Grill Jerk Chicken Jerk sauce is spicy, but quite different than buffalo sauce, which is also spicy. Jerk sauce involves …

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