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Madeira Beach Florida Vacation for couples {Day 1}

This past December I got the opportunity to take a trip to Madeira Beach, Florida for a quick little vacation with my husband. It was my first time in Florida, and it did NOT disappoint. I’m going to share our experiences with you here. This post was not compensated or comped in any way, and all opinions are my own.

We took a red eye from Seattle to Florida to try and make the most of our trip, thinking we’d sleep most of the way on the plane. It didn’t quite work out that way, but we still enjoyed our first day, even mostly sleepless.

We stayed at the Shoreline Island Resort, in Madeira Beach. It is an adults-only resort, so no kids allowed! This was the first time we’ve ever been away from all the kids and at a hotel, since we had kids. So we really wanted to make sure we didn’t end up next to a big family.

The room did not disappoint. It was super affordable, and incredibly clean and welcoming.

Shoreline Island Resort Day 1

The bed was on the firmer side which my husband loved. My back and body doesn’t really care what kind of bed it sleeps on, so I was more than happy with this:

Madeira Beach Vacation Day 1

That was the view…from our bed. And that slider stayed open at night to ensure that the sound of the waves was the only thing I needed to help me sleep. There’s nothing better than that sound to fall asleep to, in my opinion!

I had my first taste of that back in November when I was in Jamaica for a photography retreat, and now I’m a little obsessed.

Also, bonus points – this hotel has KITCHENS in all of its rooms!

Madeira Beach Vacation Day 1

It was a full-sized kitchen, and even though we didn’t do any cooking – I wouldn’t hesitate to do so next time to save a little money. This Easy Shrimp Scampi Pasta would be great to make with some local seafood! Seafood Bisque is another great one you can throw together too.

There were SUCH great restaurants, and they were all super close to the hotel. This was our first official Florida meal at Dockside Dave’s. (their website is down right now, so I linked you to the Trip Advisor page for them!)

Madeira Beach Vacation Day 1

After we were done with lunch we went and explored a little bit in the surrounding neighborhoods, and did a little shopping at John’s Pass.

We were kind of waiting for the clouds to burn off a bit, which they didn’t really do – but who’s complaining?

panorama Madeira Beach Florida

I am officially in love with the ocean.

The rest of our day included napping, more eating, some beach walking, and staring at the ocean. So relaxing!

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