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Salmon Sandwich

This sandwich is made with a piece of Traeger-grilled salmon that’s been simply seasoned with salt and Traeger Fin & Feather seasoning, and then placed on an onion roll and topped with a sauce that will leave you looking for recipes just so you can deliver it to your face more efficiently. Traeger Grilled Salmon Sandwich …

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Million Dollar BLT

My Million Dollar BLT is extra easy to make, and there’s a secret trick that will have even those of you who have never been fans of BLTs going back for seconds. Read on to see what all the fuss is about! Million Dollar BLT BLTs are a classic American sandwich that feature lettuce, fresh …

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Taco Pizza

This delicious and simple Taco Pizza is homemade, and a perfect change-up to your typical taco Tuesday. Also a favorite of mine to turn that leftover taco meat into something new. Taco Pizza This Taco Pizza is delicious with big bold Mexican-inspired flavors, and bubbly cheese. We can’t wait until we get to have this …

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Fajitarrito Salad Recipe

A fajitarrito salad. Yes. You read that right. A fajita, a burrito, and a taco salad mixed and mingled and made this lovely concoction that is now forever a part of my AmeriMex repertoire. Fajitarrito Salad It also helps that it is so EASY to throw together. I am ALL for easy. You could make this …

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