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Instant Pot Wild Rice

Wild Rice is one of my favorite foods, but I don’t use it very often because it takes SO long to cook. Not anymore. Instant Pot Wild Rice cuts the cook time down AND produces the very best wild rice that I’ve ever had.

Instant Pot Wild Rice

Wild rice can either be really really amazing, or resemble something that on a good day looks (and tastes) like dog food. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had a bad wild rice experience.

It is kind of hard to get it just right sometimes. Or maybe I’m just really particular about the texture of this awesome staple that can be found in any Minnesota kitchen worth its salt.

Either way, you never have to make it another way ever again because I’ve found the VERY best way that there ever was. (fight me in the comments, I’m here for it. :D)

Instant Pot Wild Rice

Different Cooking Methods for Wild Rice

There are a lot of different ways to cook wild rice, and I’m going to detail them here. 

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Most people that I knew just boiled the rice until it broke open, and then used it as is. This is pretty easy to do, but it takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and you do have to keep an eye on it. It is also easy to overcook, and overcooked wild rice is not great. 


This is a method that’s super popular among the hot dish crew. You put 1 cup of wild rice and 2 cups of boiling water into an oven-safe dish, cover it tightly, and bake it at 350° for an hour. 


Steaming wild rice is basically just like boiling it, only with about half as much water. This is also essentially what we’re doing in the pressure cooker, but in an easier, hands-off way.

Pressure Cooked

This is my favorite way, and the best way to ensure you get no-fail wild rice every time. It uses broth, pressure, and a little big of magic to make sure the rice is cooked perfectly in less time than traditional methods take. Keep reading for my tips to ensure you have all the wild rice success!

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Homemade Minnesota Wild Rice Hotdish Soup

How to make Instant Pot Wild Rice

For this version, you’re going to put your chicken broth and rice into your Instant Pot, set it, and let it run.

You give it a 10 minute natural-pressure-release, vent the remaining pressure, drain the excess liquid (cause there will definitely be some), and use in anything that requires wild rice. 

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Wild Rice Stuffed Zucchini Boats

What can you make with Pressure Cooker Wild Rice

I need this prepared wild rice on hand all the time, especially in the cooler months, because it makes such a great addition to soups, bread, stuffing, and salads.

Like my new favorite soup, Minnesota Wild Rice Hotdish Soup (pictured above). Creamy, dreamy, comfort food, in soup form, and any Minnesota grandma would love a big piping hot bowl of this.

I also use this rice in my Corn & Potato Chowder recipe, and it would be perfect in the Beef & Wild Rice Stuffed Zucchini too.

I even throw some in my Chicken Noodle Soup for a little something extra. 

Yield: 6 cups

Instant Pot Wild Rice

Instant Pot Wild Rice

Easy, delicious wild rice cooked in the Instant Pot! Set it and forget it for perfect rice, every time. 

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes


  • 1 cup wild rice, {fancy grade. NOT quick cooking, par cooked, or the cracked stuff.}
  • 4 cups chicken stock or broth


  1. Place wild rice and stock into the Instant Pot. Close the lid and set to Manual, high pressure, for 15 minutes. 
  2. NPR (natural pressure release) for 10 minutes, and then vent remaining steam. 
  3. Open and serve! If there is a bit of extra water, THIS IS NORMAL. Just drain it. Keep to add to soups, stews, breads, pancakes, or to make into a hotdish or casserole. 


Don't use "cracked" wild rice in this, or anything that is "quick cooked" or "par cooked". I haven't tested with those kinds of rice. 

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Nutrition Information:

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 103Sodium: 628mgCarbohydrates: 21gFiber: 1gSugar: 1gProtein: 3g

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Gwyn Linster

Sunday 13th of November 2022

OMG Nicole thank you for this! I've used it several times for soups etc. It makes perfect wild rice every time!!

Gwyn Linster

Sunday 13th of November 2022

This the absolute best and easiest way to cook wild rice! It came out perfectly!! Thank you for sharing this!

Gwyn Linster

Monday 26th of September 2022

I'm dumbfounded as to why this isn't a full 5 star!?! Because it should be!! Heck I'd give it 50 stars I'd I could!

Nicole Johnson

Tuesday 27th of September 2022

I think people assume wild rice is going to cook like white rice, and the liquid gets absorbed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Despite all my disclaimers that it isn't how wild rice works. What do ya do. :D

Gwyn Linster

Monday 26th of September 2022

This worked fantasticly!! Woo hoo! Thank you for a quick and easy way to cook wild rice. Other sites said 2 to 1 liquid to rice ratio and 40 minutes! I went with you because you were so self- confident and adamant that it would work and hey,look at that it did. I think the lady that claimed hers turned into mush was using instant or par boiled shhhh...

Thank you! I used to use instant wild rice for my soups but it's near impossible to find. Even on the web. Cooking wild rice on the stove top took way more than and hour. I think like an hour 45 minutes to get it really soft. I was excited to find your post! Yay me! Yay you!!

Nicole Johnson

Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Thanks, Gwyn! I'm so glad you liked it.


Thursday 26th of May 2022

I love how my rice turned out! whoohoo!

I followed your instructions : 1 cup wild rice, 4 cups water. i added 1 tsp garlic salt to taste ( my preference) . Set it up Manual, high pressure x 15 minutes using Instapot. When the timer went off, there's a lot of water left. No surprise for me, because you indicated this is "normal".

i drained the water out and the rice is way better than cooking it in the stove top method. Thank you for sharing :)

Nicole Johnson

Friday 27th of May 2022

Amazing! Thanks for sharing your results!

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