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Syndication Policy

Or Whatever You Do welcomes syndication.

Please make sure to follow the guidelines below:

  • You must link to my original content from the syndicated content, and the link must be a normal “do-follow” link.
    • I prefer this to be a canonical link.
    • Please link on my keyword (the post title), in the first two paragraphs of text if possible.
  • Links to my domain must remain intact, and be normal “do-follow” links.
  • Please email me with the link to the piece once it is published at I’d love to share it on social, and link to one of your other pieces!
  • You can syndicate a teaser or a whole post. I’m fine with either as long as the linking is done properly.
  • Be a good net citizen! If your site is brand new, maybe don’t ONLY syndicate content. The benefit has to be there for both people.