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Tag: pound cake

Marble Pound Cake

Homemade Marble Pound Cake

Homemade marble pound cake is a great, dense, made-from-scratch cake that’ll take care of both your chocolate and vanilla cravings all at once.  This is a great base for an ice cream sundae, to be cubed up into a trifle, or just served with some chocolate on top. This post first appeared over on Chocolate, …

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Caramelized Banana Trifle

A Caramelized Banana Trifle is a special treat you can make in individual serving sizes for your next gathering. Your friends and family will love it! Caramelized Banana Trifle Have you ever had grilled pound cake before? I hadn’t, but then today I took some pound cake and lightly toasted it on my grill, and …

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